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User Licenses

There’s two types of user licenses, that differ both on the price and the capabilities.

You can have multiple of each, depending on each user needs, but you don’t have to worry about it as we can help you figuring that out!

Light User


Per user, monthly

Meant for users that only need to perform simple tasks like entering time sheets or updating HR records, but don’t require full user capabilities.

Standard User


Per user, monthly

The go-to license for users that need to take advange of the full set of system functionalities, with no limitations.

Standard user licenses are free for the first

(Limited time promotion. Applicable on a limited number of licenses.)

Dynamics 365 sales professional

What’s Included?


These are the core features of Dynamics 365 Sales Professional.

Learn more about it at Microsoft’s website.

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Sales Process

Manage the process from a lead to a sale.


Enhance your sales process by having products lists.


Store all the information about your customers.


Segment your customers and build campaigns for them.


Manage your customer complaints using cases.


Manage appointments and tasks through an interactive calendar.

Dynamics 365 Add-ons

Dynamics 365 Add-ons

Document Attacher

Drag & Drop functionalities introduced in Dynamics 365.

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Easy Associate

Relating your customer information has never been faster through our slick User Interface.

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VoIP Connectors

Seamless telephony integration with Dynamics 365. Available for Aircall and TelSmart.

Onboarding Plans

Onboarding Plans

An Onboarding plan is essential to help the users properly adopting the solution, as well as to tailor it to their needs.

We can help you choosing which one is right for you!



Upfront cost

The go-to option for an organization that looks for a quick but complete system implementation.

  • 5 days of onboarding support

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Upfront cost

This plan is meant to make Kickstart fit your business like a glove, bringing all the needed support during the adoption.

  • 5 days of onboarding support
  • 5 days of managed services

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Under consultation

A tailor-made plan. Have very specific and more advanced needs? Maybe a bigger project is required.

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investment simulation

No hidden costs.

There are no hidden costs. Use our calculator and find out exactly how much will Kickstart cost to your organization. 


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